NetEnt’ Jumanji Slot Nears Release

While the Jumanji Slot from NetEnt has been on the table for some time, we’re a little closer to it being released. Not far off a month until release now, NetEnt will be releasing the awesome slot game based on the reboot of the famous movie. The first thing that users will notice when looking at any promo content for the slot game is that it comes with a very unique looking layout.

The stylish nature of the design is one thing, with the layout far different to what you might be used to. Instead of the norm, you get a 3,4,5,4 and 3-reel style. It’s quite similar to a famous old game, When Pigs Fly, in that it breaks away with online slot gaming convention.

Designed around the theme of the famous game, this captures all the classics: the croc, the lion, and the bird. It’s a very interesting slots gaming design and should give you a very interesting platform to try out if you are looking for something new.

Style goes a long way in the modern slot gaming world, and Jumanji Slot is stylish in the extreme. The suave layout of the table and the fantastically detailed nature of the features, with all manner of freebies to won amongst the jungle, players new and old should find a fantastic gaming experience waiting for them here.

It’s due to be released later in June 2018, so get ready to hop into the madness!

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