Hellboy – Microgaming Slot Review


As one of the most popular and dynamic games on the Microgaming list, Hellboy has become a popular choice for comic book fans and those who just enjoy something a little different. This wonderful take on the popular comic book character gives you the chance to enjoy a high tempo and committed slots experience. With two awesome bonus stages, too, Hellboy makes it easy for you to take things a little further forward.

Given that this has the opportunity to pay out a whopping £25,000 if you get it all right, too, it’s safe to say that most are happy to leap into the chaotic world of Hellboy. After all, with high risk comes high reward and this outstanding game gives you the chance to head into the Chamber of Fire and claim the Relic of Power – with all of the prizes and extra that doing so entails.

An outstanding quality of game, the animation is slick and the presentation sublime. With 5 reels and 20 paylines, too, you can play as much as £50 per spin if you want to. If you have that kind of money to burn then you can easily clear £25,000 – presuming, of course, that you play your cards right.

Plenty to Do, Plenty to Win!

If you get three Right Hand of Doom symbols to appear during the game, then you are on the right path to success. This triggers the Underworld Bonus, one of the main features that this provides. In this bonus round, you head through four tunnels and try to reach the Chamber of Fire, so that you can get the Relic and get out of there.

You need to avoid demonic presences as you do so while getting around blocked up passages, as you move through the four stages provided. You need to avoid getting a blocked passage as this ends the level without success, but you can survive a demon roll. If you get to the end of all four levels without failure, then you will get to the Chamber itself where you can get a nice cash prize: with as much as £8,400 to be won just on this particular part alone!

Also, you get Supermode: a random event that can give you up to 10 free spins to play with. If you get 3 Wilds on the screen then they will remain in place as part of the feature, meaning that you get a temporary chance to go and win big and win often.

This is a game with a fine level of uniqueness, a new layer of difficulty and exceptional presentation. It’s very much part of the Microgaming Top 10 and one that you should at least give a go.


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