Hot Shots Casino Game Released by iSoftBet

As one of the most popular topics at the moment, football is drawing attention from all across the world. The wonderful popularity of the 2018 FIFA World Cup surely helped, but the ‘global game’ is always popular: so popular that iSoftBet have decided to create a 5-reel game, giving you 243 ways to win: this is a superb game called Hot Shots.

While it might look a touch outdated and a little limited in terms of the graphical quality that we are used to, it’s a fantastic gameplay experience. All of the images that are used have some kind of football-related theme, alongside a comical range of animals all making up the rest of the images. From the comical cockerel of France to the raging bull of Spain, this manages to take some of the classic national images and create a football-themed platform that you should immediately find adorable.

With as much as £125 per spin, you can put a huge amount into every shot on goal that you take. Add in the awesome Wilds and Bonus rounds, and you can find why Hot Shots is one of the most enjoyable ways to consume your sporting experience and win some money along the way here!

The graphical quality is decent and the overall style is easy to fall in love with. If you want to take part in a new sporting-inspired game with plenty of opportunities to win big, then investing in Hot Shots makes plenty of sense.

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