Hook’s Heroes™ – NetEnt Slot Review


As NetEnt Casino continue to change and improve how they operate, one of the most impressive factors stems from their development of cool, thematic and stylish games. One such game that gets a hell of a lot of interest is Hook’s Heroes, a pirate-themed game with almost limitless levels of charm and charisma.

With 20 pay lines and 3 rows to pick from, this is a game with plenty of opportunities. Add in the fact it has all the standard add-ons like Wilds, Scatters, Free Spins, Feature Spins, Pirate Features, Mermaid Features, Fairy Features add more, and you have a pretty bombastic playing experience to enjoy!

Not only is this a modern and exciting game, it’s one that gives you all the help that you need in engaging with special features. The seven in total listed above make sure that each play-through can feel more varied. You never know what obscure combination of games you are going to run into when you are playing: really, that is all part of the fun.

You can bet from 1-10 coins per run, meaning you can have a coin value of up to €1. This allows you to have access to a pretty large collection of cost per bet, meaning that you can create a much more enticing, engaging and profitable experience. Given that payout percentage on a theoretical win can be as high as 97%, you can win some big amounts of money when playing this little masterpiece.

The Wild symbols, who are Captain Hook, will stand in for anything other than the Scatters so you can use the old Captain to help build some pretty stonking winning runs. You then also get access to three unique features – Pirate, Fairy and Mermaid. They all activate in rather crazy ways and each can be used to help boost your chances of winning something pretty incredible.

Winnings can be multiplied and symbols can be the determining factor – get the right collection on the right game and you can be left with a rather significant chance at earning some pretty huge sums of money!

While it’s fairly standard in how it works, the quality of the theme mixed in with the absolutely chaotic nature of your chances at getting some of the bonus rounds and games can be an exercise in huge enjoyment and engagement. The perfect choice for something with plenty of charm, that’s for sure!

If you want to have a casino experience that has a bit more to it than your average slum, then this is a fine place to start. Each game has its own bit of charm and charisma, creating a much more satisfying and enjoyable experience than before. One for those who love nautical themes or just want a slots gaming experience with a bit of difference in what can occur.


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