Dead or Alive 2™ Slot Review

When looking for a slots game to play, the sheer variety on offer can be quite overwhelming. One of the most popular slots games in 2019 so far, though, has been that of Dead or Alive 2. Following on from its charismatic prequel, this brings new firepower – and even newer rewards – to the table. It’s become a fan favourite for those who loved the original, but will newcomers find Dead or Alive 2 to be quite as enticing as it first sounds?

A straight shot

This 5-reel, 9-pay line game is one that has become very much an instant hit with gaming fans from across the spectrum. With an RTP of 96.8%, too, it offers a very fair and enticing chance to win big. The game itself comes with a cool looking aesthetic, and a clear improvement over its now decade-old older brother. This game was made in HTML5 format, too, so it should run without any real complications on just about any device.

It’s got an excellent theme overall, and fans of the original will certainly pick up on some of its more ambitious quirks. It’s got some cool odes to the original, too, so you should certainly get a nice blend on the old and the new. It’s a bit brighter, and it will also give you a new-found respect for just how good the art quality is on the Dead or Alive series.

The game itself is very fun, with plenty of interesting features for you to pick up on. For one, you will be seeing all manner of Western-themed items appearing. Barrels of whiskey, cowboy attire, guns, sheriff badges – you name it, you’ll probably see it. If you are able to get set of 5 sheriff badges, by the way, you can win as much as 100x your stake. If you get a group of 5 outlaws, though, you could b walking away with a Scatter win jackpot that brings you a whopping 2,500x times your stake!

Like any good slots game, too, it comes with some nice features. You’ll get a series of unique games to take on – Train Heist, High Noon and Old Saloon. While Overwatch fans might recognise the second option, it’s nothing to do with the famous saying in-game. What it is, though, is a very fun side-game that offers huge potential: get its complicated series of options right, and you could win as much as 100,000x your stake!

Is Dead or Alive 2 worth having a shot at?

Yes, very much. It’s fast paced, it’s intensive and it’s very much a good rebuilding of original slots classic. It might not have the most unique setting, but it’s one that builds on the first Dead or Alive Slots and makes sure you get something decent to play in the long run.

If you are someone who grew up trying out the original, then you will definitely find a friend in the new and improved Dead or Alive 2.

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