BetSoft Announces New Slot Games

For some time now, the slots gaming industry has been changing tact on the kind of themes that we see from slots. Gaming in this kind of industry used to produce a lot of similar themes, with pirate-era themes alongside Greek mythology, Egyptian mythology, and Roman-themed designs especially prominent. A big change in the last few years, though, has seen companies like BetSoft start to change the demographics that they target.

Indeed, their latest set of games are going to be following a more Asian-centric theme. This is going to be interesting to see if the familiar theme plays a positive role in helping BetSoft to progress and improve in the already vibrant Asian market.

We can expect to see more about this in the near future, with BetSoft expected to release a trio of games, including the extremely popular and panda-styled Bamboo Rush. Known for producing diverse games that can reach multiple audiences, this is just further proof that BetSoft know what they are doing when it comes to creating high-end slots gaming.

This will come with a rich cinematic style as well as a whole range of interesting themes which are sure to tick the right boxes for Asian gamers. Another interesting part of this will be the gamified nature of the slots games, with the initial previews showing that they could have a bit more depth in terms of the rounds and the potential to make a killing with big winnings coming up.

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