Warlords: Crystals of Power™ – NetEnt


As one of the most popular games from NetEnt casino, Warlords: Crystals of Power is a fantastically enjoyable slots experience. Made in a unique fantasy setting, this puts you in the position whereby you need to stake your claim in this unique and competitive environment. If you are looking for an easy way to add to the fun and the charm that you can get from 3D slots games, this is a fine place to start.

Put yourself into the past, and battle back against three major warlords, each battling together to try and gain dominance over the land. Who will you help? Will you help the stunning Princess? The ruthless Barbarian? Or the cunning Samurai? The choice is yours –and who knows, it might just determine how successful you are!

When you first start playing this game, you’ll get introduced to a unique tutorial that shows you the style of game. Each warlord will talk to you, giving you information about their style and what you can expect depending on who you choose. Each gives you their own little familiar, and their own Free Spins symbol only associated with that particular Warlord. It’s a nice touch, and adds a bit of creativity and adventure to the process.

The game looks to bring together a cool medieval-fantasy themed look. Backed up with seamless animation and a glut of colourful imagery and close-ups, and this can become something that you absolutely fall in love with. It makes sure you can enjoy a modern and impressive looking slots game while making sure you have access to all of the iconic rules and features that matter so much.

With Free Spins and Scatters galore, this is a game with a high-tempo energy to it and with major opportunities for you to collect big time and time again. With 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 fixed betting lines, you have many opportunities to win big – or go burst. It’s got the extra free spins as well as the Final Chance feature, the Battle feature, Wild subs, Re-spins and more. It’s all about the chance and the engagement with Warlords, which is one of the many reasons why people absolutely love taking part in this unique gaming experience so often.

If you are looking for a fun and bombastic video slots experience, then this is almost certainly the perfect place to start with. It adds a sense of adventure and madness to your slots experience, making it even more engaging and exciting to take part in!

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