NetEnt – Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild™


Recently, the NetEnt brand – one of the most famous in casino games creation – released a fresh offering. This latest release, Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild, is one that is going to help take you to a whole new world of engagement. While many of the NetEnt favourites tend to fall into more neutral landscapes and styles, this new release helps to add a natural and really cool location for you to go and visit in the near future.

This game is not out quite yet, but it’s going to be a big hitter. It’s fast-paced play style, entertaining artistic detail and engaging personality shines through in every stage that you take part in. Interested in becoming the King of the Jungle? Then now is the time!

This five-reel, three-row game offers and enticing and exciting experience for anyone who wants a new slot game to enjoy. Designed with an active and intricate level of detail, this is the perfect game to turn to when you want a new theme and a more entrancing style to play with. Also, it’s loaded with user-friendly features that can add a nice touch of spice to the whole experience overall.

With everything from free spins to symbol expansion, you can get a much more progressive and enjoyable experience. From a Butterfly Boost section to the new free spin bonuses, you can enjoy a much freer and open playing experience compared to many other games of this style. Activated randomly within the game, the boost program occurs when you are in a winning position.

This only happens when you win without using scatters or symbols that are marked by a butterfly. It’s rare, but an opportunity to win big and come out the other side with something deeply impressive!

Thanks to this bonus round, you get to witness butterflies landing on 1-3 symbols. From there, they expand out and can have the chance to multiply your winnings to make your time at the table even more exciting.

This is going to be a game that offers a chance to win major rewards without having to go too far. It also offers the opportunity to enjoy and engage with a world that is far more progressive and entertaining than many would expect from its tranquil design.

So, if you are looking for a new slots game to play that certainly adds a new definition and detail to the world of NetEnt, then Jungle Spirit is the perfect choice for you.

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