Winning Lines and Coin Values

When it comes to online gaming and making the most of the skills that you have, it helps to know what you are looking for. Various terms can be heard and picked up quite easily when you are using the web. It becomes increasingly easy, too, to start combining and misrepresenting what various terms may mean. From wining lines to coin values, it becomes increasingly challenging to keep up with all of the slots lingo.

To help you manage yourself on the slots better, we’re going to break down both Wining Lines, and Coin Values.

Winning Lines

The classic slot games out there tend to have a set of rules that you need to follow. Usually, three reels will spin and in order to win you need three identical symbols to line up together in the middle. However, many other online slots have more – they usually have five reels, for a start. It also does not have to be on the middle row – it can be the top or the bottom with some games.

It can be diagonal. As such, wining lines on online slots vary quite a lot from normal. Whereas in the past you had a more rigid setup but less reels to match up, now you need more matches but have more combinations to land that match in.

Every slot game, though, has what is known as a “wining line” and some have as many as 30. On average you have between 9 and 30 different wining lines that can be taken. You might already have heard this term being used to describe Pay Lies.

The more lines, the more possibilities of wining. Some lines are straight, some diagonal, some all over the place. As such, wining lines vary depending on the game.

Coin Values

Another common term you are likely to do battle with is known as coin values. Coin values are based on actual coins within the game. You could have, say, £2.00 in your account. If the coin value was £2.00 then you would need more than what you have to play. The coin value is how much you spend on each line within the game.

So, let’s say that you were playing a game with 25 lines, and the value of each swing is £0.01. this means it would cost you 25p to go with all 25 lines. Basically, you increase the base cost on the amount of pay lines available. It’s a simple enough system and one that one you get the hang of it, becomes increasingly easy to manage.

However, it also means preparing and understanding tactics within the elements of coin values and winning lines together.

Now though you can see that there is a direct correlation between both. To make your life easier it helps to recognize this from early on so that you can adapt to work with this. Start learning about both key elements now, and playing slots will become so much simpler

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