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Within the world of online slots gaming, a few big names exist. These names rule the industry and tend to be seen as the kingpins – the top game systems to play with. The likes of NetEnt hold a major stake in the market, and take to be the ones that get the most attention and love across the board.

However, Microgaming is one of the most popular due to their longevity. Having been going since 1994, they are seen as the first casino gaming company on the planet. They came up with the first online games, anyway, and have since then forged a reputation over 2+ decades of quality, consistency and style in abundance.

This company, based on the Isle of Man, have long been providing an extensive layer of access to mobile slot gaming. As one of the leading developers they have had a place in classics as well as other online gaming, such as online poker. They run the famous MPN network in online poker, adding more depth to their list of achievements within the gaming world.

In total, the company has over 600 games to pick from. This incredible volume of selection means that users can get something regardless of their tastes of their needs. They also provide various interlinked progressive jackpot games. Some games provide this across multiple channels, showing the excellent depth and detail within Microgaming – they help to bring multiple companies together, creating a more enjoyable experience for both the players and providers.

Recent Developments

The last decade has been one of perpetual change for Microgaming. In 2009, the company became the recipient of the biggest ever casino gaming win on one of their games, Mega Moolah. This came provided around $6.75m to the lucky winner. The largest payment in history was soon eclipsed, though – by the same game. Mega Moolah held the record again, when the machine paid about a scarcely believable £13.2m to Jon Heywood.

This shows you just how far the company has come – setting the tone and the quality for some of the most impressive progressive jackpot wins seen.

In 2010, the company continued their positive image and company development with the launch of Quick-fire Games. QF is a licensing firm that provides content to third-party developers, and white label casino groups. This allows for the Microgaming brand to be used as the basis for many more exciting new games on the market.

In 2016, the company then broke the market – they started to work with Oculus Rift for virtual casino gaming. VR Roulette is their main aim at present but this is likely to change as the industry looks to further expand and change the content that’s available.

So, for anyone who wants to enjoy the quality and the fun of Microgaming, now is your chance. They are the dominant party on the online gaming circuit and provide the most exhilarating and engaging ways to have fun that the web knows. At present, they set the agenda for the whole industry – and will continue to be the controller of trends for years to come.

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