William Hill Moves Closer to CrownBet Merger

For some time now, rumors have been moving in UK gambling circles that major bookmaker and casino owner William Hill could be close to undergoing a merger with Australian firm CrownBet. Were this to happen, it could have major implications for the industry and see a massive, wholesale change in the way that both companies manage their operations.

Apparently, the early stage talks have begun to see if they would be interested in joining the ever-increasing and hugely influential Australian gambling empire run by James Packer. CrownBet is part of his group, and would likely play a major role in how the industry works for years to come in the UK if the merger was to take place.

As the gaming sector begins to globalize and companies become less boxed off to only work with certain nations, we expect to see more news of further mergers opening up in the years to come. This interesting story, though, has been reported as a “possible combination” only at present.

However, we expect to see more news mentioned in the next few weeks with regards to the merger. If it does go through, it’s another sign that mergers are becoming more and more commonplace in an industry that increasingly feels like it has to close ranks to help maintain its credibility and to reduce the chance of regulation issues from stopping the development it has enjoyed.

We’ll bring you more information about the merger as it emerges.

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