What Effect Will GDPR Have on Gambling in the UK?

For some time now, the new European Ruling, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been on the horizon. It will fundamentally change how companies use and manage the data of their customers and users. Given the sensitive nature of the data that gambling companies hold on their users, will GDPR have much of an effect on the industry?

It’s hard to say at present, but it will definitely force a series of changes. From 25th May 2018, these new changes will come in across European Union members – including the UK. This is the first overhaul for the best part of two decades and will play a major role in how data is secured and used for the long-term.

Any non-EU nation that handles EU citizens or businesses data will be expected to follow on, too. It’s already known that the UK Gambling Commission will be taking a very specific look at what these new rulings mean for the marketing and use of customer data. At the moment, we can expect a wholesale change across the entire industry due to this.

With over £2.28bn spent across the UK casino gaming market, it’s no surprise to see that more is being done to help regulate the use of customer data. Operates will be held liable for poor marketing standards from affiliates, and any breaches in how customer data is used or managed could mean GDPR will change how promotions are handled long-term.

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