UKGC Seeks Gambling Credit Ban

In what many see as an interesting take on the battle embroiling the UK gambling community, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) want to put in a new set of rules regarding credit. The reason this is being pushed, according to reports, is to stop people getting into further debt due to their gambling dependency. In a sweeping set of new rules, covering everything from efforts to make minors stop using free-play online casinos to the credit budget, there is bound to major repercussions to come from this decision.

The recent Review of Online Gambling review from the UKGC brought a lot of interest with regards to where the marketplace is heading. With the expectation that the gambling market will continue to grow, they want to try and help put some form of action in play that can stop gamblers from being taken in by this expansion.

From a pause on UK free spin offers and how they are marketed to changes on how credit is handled, there could be an immense change coming in the near future. With most of the squeezes coming on the land-based operators, though, the credit ban is one of the most serious impacts on the online industry.

These latest suggestions will likely put even larger sanctions and limitations on the UK online casino industry. In the future we expect to find out more about these suggestions – though, at the moment, these recommendations will likely come to pay in the short-term future.

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