UKGC Clamps Down on Slot Add-Ons

For some time now, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has been pretty intent on cleaning up the casino slots industry in the country. They’ve been spending time looking at both old sites and new casino sites, making sure that they run to the standard that you would expect. However, while the UK is one of the most prominent markets for casino gaming in Europe, there has been a big crackdown on how many of the sites are able to run.

For example, when it comes to free spins UK gamers often get some of the best deals going. They also get a lot of the newest and latest no deposit casino bonuses. This is why the UKGC has moved to try and clamp down on bonuses, extras, and freebies. Now, though, there is a new twist to the tale: the licenses that are available in the UK are now no longer able to provide “feature buy” options on slot games.

That’s become quite a common choice in gaming markets, and it has also been a popular option for casino gamers. However, this new change means that such a practice is now going to be over with. Having determined that such extra options can give gamblers with bad habits and self-control needless challenges and encourages poor behaviour, it appears that the time for change is now upon us.

So, we can soon expect to see a pretty big change in how casino games offer extras.

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