UK Set to Ban Credit Card Use for Online Casino Gaming?

Amid a process where the United Kingdom goes through immense political change, one thing remains staunch opposition to online casino gaming. There has been a significant backlash against the ease and open use of casino gaming opportunities for some time. That movement, though, has only grown stronger thanks to the recent discussion about banning the use of credit cards from being used with online casino gaming.

This has been talked about in the UK Government, with Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright looking to see “social responsibility” from banks and gaming firms. This is quite an interesting move, as the country has seen a significant change in approach to the industry in recent years. Wright is set to meet with banking and bookmaking executives in the near future to look at the problem of debt being created in so many lives.

Indeed, the Gambling Commission looks set to call upon evidence soon against the use of credit cards for gambling. It’s also likely that, in doing so, they will recommend the use of a banning order against the use of a credit card. Presently, Wright has argued for banks to follow the lead of other banks, who have allowed card owners to self-exclude themselves for using their bank card for that purpose.

With around one-fifth of all online gambling done in the UK credit card, a significant solution has been sought. Will this bring an end to credit card gambling?

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