UK Online Gambling Continues to Soar

Despite numerous attempts from anti-gambling commissions and experts to try and fight back against the spread of gambling, the UK online casino industry continues to grow. From the many new online casinos UK gamers to play and the various online casino reviews that tell us how great they are, there’s been little impact in the battle against UK online gambling and its rampant growth.

Indeed, the industry has grown to over £13.5bn, with more than 9,000 betting shops in the offline world and hundreds of different websites to pick from. It’s showing no signs of slowing down, either, as the offline and online worlds continue to mold into one. The ease of which people can now gamble has become quite apparent; with full casinos now available on our phones, there is absolutely nothing to stop people from enjoying either online or offline gambling in the UK.

The lack of action sen by the recent negative campaign taken against gambling is likely to bolster the industry to keep pushing forward. From all of the new online casinos, UK gamers can pick from to thousands of the latest UK free spins offer, there’s a boatload of options out there for those who are looking for them.

Really, the main change in the view of gambling hasn’t been how bad it is; it’s become about how easy it is to do. The negativity about the industry in recent times has made it hard for people in the industry to see how it could continue to grow.

These fears, though, appear to have been unfounded; there’s a lot to love about the industries continual refusal to acquiesce. For those who enjoy a flutter, it’s not going anywhere.

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