UK on Verge of Banning Credit Cards for Online Gambling

For many fans of UK online casino gaming, the news that credit cards could soon be banned is quite a major shout. As many players access their online slots gaming through the use of credit cards, this could be a wholesale change in the industry that might put a lot of players off using the system.

As the British Gambling Commission tries to break into the industry and make it less dangerous for problem gamblers, which is on the rise in the last few years, this new and radical policy suggestion would be a wholesale change for the industry as a whole.

With government officials now in a bit of a move to try and find a solution to their needs for better gaming regulations, this latest suggestion could play a major role in changing how people invest their cash into the slots gaming industry. With over 2.3m Britons expected to suffer from problem gambling addictions, this is sure to be a major and wholesale shift for an industry that has been moving at a rapid pace in recent years.

Public policy researchers have suggested to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport that a change has to come in the form of banning credit cards. From reducing the fixed-odds betting terminal maximum bet to levies being imposed on gaming companies, users of UK online slots gaming sites should be ready for a wholesale change in the industry long-term.

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