UK Labour Deputy Calls for ‘Thorough Review’ into Casino License Holders

For years, it’s been rather clear that the UK Government and the online casino gaming industry do not see eye-to-eye. Constant back-and-forth from the industry to regulatory bodies has seen a lot of friction emerge. In the last years, the UK Gambling Commission, in particular, has been involved in high-profile pursuits of the industry as a whole. Now, the government opposition has continued to raise their voice in a demand to force further change.

Tom Watson, the Deputy Leader of the Labour Party, recently sent a letter to Neil McArthur, CEO of the UKGC, and also Jeremy Wright, the Culture Secretary. The letter was to question the integrity of various gambling operators that are part of the UK scene, including many which operate outside of the UK themselves.

Watson, a previous and clear critic of the industry, made it clear in the letter that he wants offshore operators to lose their UK operating licenses. It’s interesting to see such a strong move from the Labour Party on the move, though, as it signals an intention to grab what appears to b a real vote winner.

Despite the popularity of online casino gaming in the UK, many view the industry as one in need of freshening up. With the UK likely to find itself in major political upheaval in the years to come, moves to try and combat commonly viewed problems like the gambling industry could just turn the tide.

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