UK Government to push on with gambling ad banning

According to the latest Gaming News after recent reports that the UK Government was strongly looking at banning gambling advertising, more reports have emerged of a renewed desire to kick on and tackle the problem at hand. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis in the UK, there has been stark warnings from regulatory bodies and charities about the potential risks of problem gambling rising during lockdown.

The numbers appear to back this up, with more people than ever taking to the internet to enjoy some online casino gaming and gambling fun. However, the UK Government has been under fire for years for what is seen as a lack of effort in combatting the problem – an issue that appears to be on the verge of changing.

With the government under fire for numerous problems at the same time, it’s believed that a move to a UK gambling advertisement ban in some quarters would be a good PR move. However, concerns exist around how serious banning would be and how far it would extend. While there is talk of banning sporting sponsorship, as well as talk of banning TV and online advertisements, there is no clarity yet on how far the process will go.

However, one thing is for sure: the present UK Government looks set to try and fight back against the UK casino gaming industry. Despite playing a role in providing massive revenue boosts, the time looks to have arrived for the UK Government and the gambling industry to come head-to-head once again.

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