UK Government Aims for £50 betting limit

With the UK Government dealing with just about everything one might expect amid a viral outbreak, some topics have fallen by the wayside. Previously a headline topic in UK legislation, UK gambling laws and regulations have become a distant memory for some. As everything focuses on the COVID-19 outbreak, though, some MPs have kept their eyes on the prize with regards to gambling regulation.

The latest talk here is that gambling habits for British gamers might become far more pronounced and excessive given the amount of downtime that we’re all going to have. With little to do and some of us have a few more pounds to throw around than we might have without isolation, there is talk of introducing a gambling limit.

This wasp pushed as a cross-party move, with Labour MP Carolyn Harris, Iain Duncan Smith of the Conservatives, and Ronnie Cowan of the Scottish National Party, all pushing for a £50 per day limit for gamers. Given some gamblers can blow that in a few minutes, that might seem excessively small given the habits of some gamers.

However, with many people either requiring government income support or having no income at all, the aim is to try and avoid people spending the little funds they do have on trying to make it big in an online casino game. While some might see this as further ‘nanny state’ decisions with regards to the gambling industry, it does seem like a fair move. If you aren’t earning, it’s probably a good idea to not be able to spend what you do have on a horse, poker match, or a sports bet.

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