UK gambling companies warned about COVID-19 exploitation

As the UK casino and gambling scene goes through a major change like any other industry, there has been lots of noise about exploitation. Many watchdogs, charities, and bodies are making it clear that any exploitation of the vulnerable should be avoided at all costs. With most people in the house and in need of something to do to kill the time, many people are naturally turning to online casino gaming.

With many new casino sites to try out alongside the big name partners, then, gamers have more choice than ever before. However, the UK Gambling Commission made sure that it was made clear that they would protect consumers during this massive worldwide crisis. The figures show a much larger percentage of people working from home, and this means that more gamers will have the chance to play when they would otherwise be occupied.

Naturally, this leads to fears that more people will begin problem gambling and costing themselves the few funds they have. With so much uncertainty around employment and opportunity for all, then, the UKGC has made it clear that they expected licensed casino companies to do the right thing and look after their clientele.

They say that they will be closely monitoring how companies are taking care of their customers, who are in turn expected to watch for any spikes in betting activity outside of the norm. Expect stringent disciplinary methods for any company not following these very strict procedures.

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