UK Gambling Commission suspends second license in a row

As the UK Gambling Commission has come under increasing fire for being seen as ‘weak’, the regulatory body in the UK has decided to fight back. Part of that fightback has stemmed from their desire to try and stop licenses being handed out to companies that don’t meet their increasingly high standards.

Having gained a reputation for turning to fines ahead of anything else, though, the UKGC is getting tough. Fresh from hitting Betway with a massive £11.6m fine, the company has also suspended the second license in just two weeks.

They’ve decided to take a review of Stakers, a popular Malta-based online platform. They have started a review to look at what is allegedly numerous compliance issues from the company. Under the Gambling Act 2005, then, the company could stand to lose their license. This means that the company cannot provide its services to UK customers until it can either win the case or find a solution with the UKGC.

The regulator’s review is expected to start now, with the suspension starting as early as March 4th. At the moment, though, information is thin on the ground as to why the UKGC has decided to cut the license and suspend it. all we know that is they suspect Stakers has broken Section 116 (2)(a) of the Gambling Act 2005, meaning they cannot carry on their service in the UK until a resolution is found. For now, then, any UK gamer who is used to using Stakers might need to look for a new casino site.

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