UK Football & Betting – A Returning Issue


Last week, we spoke about how the Football Association was cutting ties with gambling firms in a bid to clean up its image and get away from the gambling culture that sticks to football like a bad smell. However, football clubs aren’t so interested in changing how they come across and are now signing up with popular UK casino sites in a bid to up their own investment and transfer kitties for players.

Aston Villa, for example, the largest team in the Midlands, just agreed on a new sponsorship platform with Unibet. Now sponsoring the Villans from 1st July, this partnership will see them on the strip for both men’s and women’s teams. This showcases a big change in the way that betting is being handled, as clubs show no signs of slowing down or moving away from taking on this kind of sponsorship.

With promotions even being offered out to Villa fans, it’s going to be very interesting to see just how far UK football and betting are going to go. When it sounded like a crackdown of this kind of behavior was incoming, many fans were equally concerned and elated to see the news.

Many question the link between such a speculate and unpredictable industry and betting, and if they make moral and ethical bedfellows. However, it looks like this problem won’t be going anywhere just yet thanks to the increasing volume of work and sponsorship that we are seeing with clubs.

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