UK facing latent gambling crisis due to COVID-19

Like many countries, the UK has seen a pretty significant rise in the number of people taking part in gambling. Though the numbers are often skewed and it’s hard to get exact figures, search engine giant Google has helped us to better understand the true reality of gambling online during COVID-19. While no new UK online casino sites are starting up, those who are still around are offering users more options and variety than ever before.

No deposit free spin deals and promotional deals to capture non-gamblers and sports betters looking for a thrill have seen lockdown offer an unexpected boon to the gambling industry. Indeed, Google Trends shows a massive upswing in the number of people who are doing searches for online gambling-related products since the beginning of lockdown in the UK.

As the country continues to face off against many problems during the lockdown, a rise in gambling habits might be one of the most silent but dangerous problems. With many problem gamblers believing this silent growth in gambling is a recipe for disaster, other bodies are looking to calm down the situation.

The UK Gambling Commission, for example, found that despite a rise in some online gambling, a rise in problem gambling has yet to occur. So, while more people might be dipping their toes in the water more regularly than normal, or even for the first time, those who were already problem gamblers aren’t showing additional worrying signs. For now, it’s best to simply wait and see what the data shows in the future.

Despite being at an all-time high for UK searches in internet casinos, it’s not a sign that all is wrong with the industry. In time, we could see this change once lockdown is reverted.

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