Teenager Spends Five Figures on Betting Websites

Over the last year or so, the UK Government and the gambling industry have been at loggerheads over various subjects. One of the most common disputes is the advertising of gambling to children, indirectly or otherwise. Well, one story came out in early June that would remind every commissioner why it’s important the next generation is shielded until legal age.

A 13-year-old from Lancashire recently managed to clock up a barely believable £80,000 in credit card debt. Using his father’ ‘borrowed’ credit card, the youngster became enamored by gambling through its many advertisements and games when he was at Wembley Stadium, watching a game of football.

For a year, he committed fraud and spend as much as £60,000 in a single week on various online gambling sites. Creating an account using his dad’ card details, he got into incredible runs where at one stage as much as £3,000 was used as the stake.

Eventually, his debt reached a barely believable £20,000 and he was confronted by his parents. Despite going to see a psychotherapist, months later he relapsed and wound up in £60,000 of debt this time, bringing his total to a chilling £80,000.

It’s stories like this that show the importance of changing the way in which the industry works. The more that can be done to help minimize the risk of young children falling into addiction, the better for everyone involved.

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