Tax Hikes for Italian Online Casino Gaming Loom on Horizon

While many nations have seen a major benefit from reforming online casino gaming, tax issues are commonplace. The latest European nation with a thriving, passionate gaming scene to see problems arise from taxes is Italy. Reports say that Italian gaming might see large tax hikes coming in the near future, with hikes taxes and a reduction in land-based casino slot payout rates.

The present coalition government in Italy recently brought forward their latest move against the gambling industry in Italy. However, the tax hikes and customer payouts are still to be decided on the basis that the changes, part of the new ‘maxi amendment’, still need to be voted upon in parliament.

The rises if passed would be quite steep. The present tax already stands at 20% for online casino gaming. This would then rise to a much more challenging 25%, from January 1st. The counter-claim is that the rise could bring in as much as €50m per annum for the state.

Online casino gaming is not the only gambling entity which might see change, though. It’s expected that everything from video lottery terminal winnings to increases in online sports betting will see a flock of changes to the gaming scene

This is going to be quite interesting to see how it plays out. Italy is not the only nation in Europe presently facing challenges with its gambling tax rates. With Italy adjusting figures, this could set a precedent.

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