Switzerland Votes for Legalize Online Casino Gaming

For some time now, the referendum-happy Swiss have been on the verge of a major breakthrough with online casino gaming. Now, though, it looks like the breakthrough has taken place. The Swiss voters have overwhelmingly backed a vote for legalization of online casino gaming. In fact, the end result could indeed be even higher than polling had suggested.

It’s interesting to note, though, that one of the major stipulations is that all foreign betting sites will be blocked. Only domestic-based sites will be allowed to take part in the lucrative and clearly excited Swiss online casino gaming circle.

The new Gambling Act, then, pulled in close to 73% of the vote and will come into play in 2019. This will be a major change for the entire country, as it will allow for certified Swiss casinos to take part in their own country without foreign competition. While some argue that it is blocking competition and is also online censorship, it looks set to go through now.

Indeed, it’s hoped that it can help to curb the spiraling gambling addiction issues in Switzerland. With more domestic-aimed offers that can be better regulated, there may be hope for a healthy and flourishing industry without the same limitation and problems for those who take part.

With claims from Simonetta Sommaruga, the Swiss Justice Minister, that foreign companies see around $254m of Swiss money without anything received back in taxes, this may be a move that works to help both moderate gaming and increase enjoyment.

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