Swedish Slots Gamer Becomes Multi-Millionaire on Mega Fortune™

NetEnt casino games have become a bit of a lucky charm recently for people turning good luck into incredible fortune. Yet another winner has come on their Mega Fortune™ slots game. The Swede, playing on LuckyBets.com, managed to win a whopping €6.63m in total when including the bonus thanks to the Mega Million bonus provided by NetEnt.

This whopping win has helped to secure an incredible success story for yet another NetEnt gamer. The Scandinavian contingent of winners in recent times has been impressive, and yet again shows just how much can be won on the right slots game.

The win is the largest dividend paid out by Mega Fortune™ since December 2016, and marks a major win for the company. Not only did the win carry a whopping sum of cash already, but it was made up from a series of wins from the likes of the NetEnt World Cup cash give-away. The player himself said that they were simply on vacation, and decided to play for a bit. It sure paid off, as they are now the proud winner of an incredible sum of money.

We hope that they enjoy it. For NetEnt, it’s yet another shining example of the whopping wins that can be secured on their platform. Not only does it make a huge difference to players knowing the potential size of the available winnings, but it really gives them an added appreciation of just how fun gaming can be when the stakes are so high.

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