Sweden Looks At Ending Gambling Advertisements?

Despite being one of the most open-minded countries when it comes to casino gaming, the future of casino advertising in Sweden is becoming far less certain. Sweden is a country that has been looking to change up its gaming scene for some time, and they could follow in Italian footsteps in banning gambling advertising.

Italy recently threw the blanket over all casino advertising, and it looks like Minister for Public Administration Ardalan Shekarabi might wish to follow that move. Believing that licensed gambling does not do enough to protect those are vulnerable to its vices, the minister spoke about how more had to be done recently.

He spoke recently at a press conference noting that an investigation was to be launched into how gambling products are being advertised in the Scandinavian nation. Based on the results of that report, major changes could then come into the way that Sweden manages and control its wider gambling scene.

This comes only months into a ‘new era’ for Sweden when the new gambling laws of the nation took place from January 1st 2019. Shekarabi, though, has now announced that the Swedish government are ready to “do what it takes” to protect those who are the most likely to be hurt by gambling. It will become an interesting topic of debate in the future, then, as gambling advertising plays such a prevalent role in advertising today.

If that was to be stopped, what impact would it have on the industry?

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