Svenska Spel Says Farewell to Online Casino Ads

As one of the largest names in the thriving Swedish online casino gaming industry, Svenska Spel has many players. Part of their scale comes from the massive amount of players they receive due to their quality advertising. However, the company recently announced that it would be bringing an end to all of its online casino advertisements.

The reason why is simple: they wish to help address the growing number of people with online casino gambling addictions. This is going to be a year-long amnesty from this kind of gambling and will help the company to comply with specific government regulatory changes.

Despite its wide popularity in Sweden and wider Scandinavia, online casino gaming has become a mild problem for the country. Many people are impacted negatively due to addiction to the excitement of gambling. As such, the desire to end all of its online casino marketing campaigns will mean that for now at least, you’ll stop seeing Svenska Spel logos online.

It’s quite an interesting tactic and one that not many companies would take. It’s not often that a company chooses to place morality ahead of making a profit, so fair play to Svenska Spel. It’s not a permanent choice, but for now, it will hopefully some people who are suffering from gambling addiction to find some help and solace.

For now, then, you might want to consider why you are no longer seeing Svenska Spel advertisements online: they’re still active, thankfully.

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