SugarHouse Becomes First Casino in Pennsylvania to Go Online

As one of the bigger names in the US casino industry, Pennsylvania-based firm SugarHouse draw a lot of attention. Their ambition and their ability to keep making progress in the challenging US casino gaming market makes them a big name for a lot of reasons. However, one of their main growths is coming from their desire to use the internet to their advantage. This includes the release of their new online sports betting practice.

Alongside their popular range of different casino options, they have become a major part of the push for more US internet gambling. They have the ambition to keep going with it, and will now see their move into internet sports betting become a reality. Why? Because they have finally been given the green light by Pennsylvania regulatory bodies to make this happen.

This would make them the first casino in the state of Pennsylvania to move into this kind of practice. It would make them the premier frontier for Pennsylvanian internet gambling, too, which makes them a hugely attractive prospect for a lot of reasons.

The US has a really chequered history with online betting, with it mostly being something at the very least frowned upon. This, though, could change the entire system. In time, it could be the moment that we look back on as the day the US finally began to move into the internet gambling industry as a genuine player.

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