Star Wars Battlefront 2 under European Gaming Commission Gaze

As one of the most hyped video games of 2017, many fans have been waiting for the release of EA’s latest Star Wars title, Star Wars Battlefront 2. In this high-paced action game, people will be able to get access to ‘loot crates’ – random boxes filled with in-game items of all manner of values. Due to the random nature of it, many people are comparing it to the popular UK slots games that we can play on all manner of new online UK casino sites.

For that reason, then, the European Gaming Commission is taking a stern look at the use of loot boxes within the game. Their random nature makes them almost like a gambling experience, and the fact that they are totally random – with most people buying them to try unlock new gear and skins – makes it like a gambling experience in most ways.

Therefore, games such as Battlefront 2 – and popular Blizzard title Overwatch – are going to come under this gaze to discover why they are so far down the pecking order. One of the main concerns is that they are like mini forms of gambling, which is sure to cause massive issues within the gaming community in the near and long-term.

This all took place after action from a UK gamer called Conor Rhys Deeley, who submitted a petition to the UK Government to investigate these issues within the game itself. Naturally, it’s become a massive topic of concern and alongside the UK Gambling Commission wanting to crack down on the use of new UK online casino sites, means that we could be on the verge of seeing a very big change to how gambling and gaming is handled in the UK and across the rest of European gaming.

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