Star Casino Loses Eight Figure Sum

For any anyone who has ever won big in a casino, this might just be the terrifying thought possible. When a Chinese high-roller went to visit Star Casino in Sydney, they soon found that they were in a bit more trouble than they would have expected.

Star Casino, otherwise known as The Star, was given a whopping $7m in combined cheques in October 2016 to withdraw chips worth the incredible sum. They were sent over to Star by Wai Chong Wong – but it’s now believed that they might have accidentally destroyed the cheques in an accidental shredding.

Thanks to the Casino Control Act of 1992 in Australia, The Star – and others – cannot hand out credit to patrons. As such, casinos are able to set up large deposit accounts for patrons who can then credit that account with cash instead and draw out purchase vouchers for the same sum of money that they were given.

With one cheque for $5m and one for $2m, it’s believed that both have been destroyed by accident. The cheques would sit in the file of the patron pending settlement of the said account. With Wong losing large chunks of his $7m when playing, this might be an interesting story that continues to develop. The debt at present remains unpaid apparently.

At present, an order was made for Wong to replace the cheques within 14 days. More on this outrageous story as we hear about it and the story develops.

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