Slovakia Moves Closer to Reorganized Online Casino Gaming

As one of the most interesting countries with regards to its gambling laws in Europe, Slovakia looks set for another change of plan. The National Council of Slovakia recently voted to override the presidential veto which was put in place on the re-regulation of the online casino gaming industry within the country.

Now, with changes likely to be brought in that will give access to online gaming and betting companies to operate within Slovakia, it looks like the previous plans have been shelved. The vet, brought forward by President of Slovakia, Andrej Kiska, will see a considerable change to the initial plans.

While this means that there is likely to be more political wrangling and arguing to come, it does mean that change – and positive change – could be afoot within the Slovakian gaming industry. This came after the decision to veto, which would have meant that companies based in other EU jurisdictions would not have been able to operate within the Slovakian online casino gaming sphere.

At this moment in time, you will find that only the state-run lottery, TIPOS, is actually legitimately allowed to provide services of this kind in the country. This, though, might be about to change in the near future, with 86 lawmakers voting against the veto. While concerns over data privacy and safe usage will still linger for some time, it’s fair to say that this move could see new companies arriving into the thriving Slovakian scene.

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