Sky City Ponders Casino Launch

As the world of online casino gaming continues to hot up in terms of competition, some big hitters are considering making their way into the industry. One name that is doing the rounds is that of Sky City, who are seemingly contemplating a move into the overseas online casino industry in the short-term.

They tried this in 2015 with a free-to-play casino, but it looks like the 2018-19 era might see them make a bold return to the industry. Speaking about the idea was Chief Executive, Graeme Stephens, who said that the ‘most likely’ route into the industry would be through an offshore-based casino partner.

This came about during the annual profits announcements for 2018, when it was announced that the group would consider a move into the industry once again. Naturally, it’s been condemned by the likes of the Problem Gambling Foundation, who don’t want to add to the ‘immense amount of risk’ already present in the industry.

At the moment, New Zealand online casino gamers already have access to various online gaming options, such as Lotto. However, this would add something new and entirely interesting to the industry, giving Kiwis the chance to really tap into a thriving online marketplace.

So long as the correct checks are in place to stop problem gamblers from taking part, there’s ample opportunity to do this ethically. The casino launch might cause an immediate stir, but it could be a positive in the long-term for Kiwi gamblers.

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