Sky Betting and Gaming Joins Pokerstars

In a bid that has been discussed for some time now, it would appear that Sky Betting and Gaming are close to becoming part of the Pokerstars family. As a wider part of The Stars Group, the takeover is said to be worth as much as £3.4bn and will have a landmark change in the way that Sky works in the betting world.

This has been on the list of potential takeovers for some time, though the fact it is now completed and confirmed is a major change. As one of the largest names in UK online casino gaming, this is a major merger that could be very important for the long-term health of the industry.

The Star Group now joins up yet another part of the gambling community under their ever-widening portfolio. With this offer, they would become the majority shareholder at Sky Betting and Gaming. This would see the parent company, CVC Capital Partners, reduce their shareholding from around 70% to just 12%.

It would also mean that there would a whole new range of opportunities opening up for The Stars Group. This would give them access to a new sports betting platform, a poker, bingo and casino gaming program as well as live poker tours and affiliate programs.

For anyone who uses Sky, it would be good to look a bit further into the changes that this might bring to the table; it’s a very exciting deal for the whole industry, though.

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