SkillOnNet & Betsson Receive Swedish Fines

The gambling and gaming industry is, at the moment, full of companies being reprimanded for how they handle and manage various parts of their business. Given the once lawless nature of the industry, it makes sense that regulatory bodies are now cracking down on companies who aren’t following the rules in a big way. One of the biggest regulatory bodies at the moment is the Swedish government, who are taking a very firm stance over how companies act.

This has seen two major names in the Swedish casino gaming industry, SkillOnNet and Betson, take some pretty hefty fines onboard. These fines were handed out over violating the rules which are now in place and which regulate how bonuses are going to be handled. For a lot of companies, meeting these rules has been more challenging than many would have first assumed.

Some companies, though, have been found in regular and continued violation of the rules which are being put in place. A new marker has been laid down, though, with two of the major names in the Swedish gaming circuit being hit with significant fines in a bid to send a clear message to the rest of the industry.

It’s a shame, and one of the many reasons why a lot of people might be wary of getting into online gaming. Until companies continually clean up their act, attracting new customers could become a challenge, as people wise-up to the tactics used by casinos.

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