Self-Exclusion No Longer Effective

For years, the challenge for the gambling industry to keep a hold on the work and progress of gambling awareness has been immense. Being able to try and keep away the very customers most of these sites want to come along in the first place – large gamblers – is a tough ask.

When we factor in the immense nature of the challenge to get people to stop gambling, too, it becomes easy to see why most conventional methods that fail.

The increase in gambling as a past-time has been a dangerous rise for many locations, not least Britain. This creates a dilemma whereby problematic behavior is seeing people lose their money and their lifestyle through addiction. One of the plans that have been put in place was a self-exclusion scheme, set up to help people essentially put themselves on a blacklist for a period of six months, or longer, to try and curb their negative behavior.

However, despite the trumpeting of the success of the platform in the past, a troubling article on Casino Guardian points to a serious threat to this.

Many people believe it is ineffective, and that not enough is done to help people stay genuinely excluded from all activity, not just some activity. The procedure is ambiguous and hard to follow, and many have complained of a total lack of effectiveness in helping them to combat their problems and overcome the issue.

Ideas such as a database that can be checked for present and new members who wish to be excluded but are finding it hard is one suggestion put forward. However, at present, there is little potential or ability for those who are using these lists to see their needs enforced and their cries for help listened to. If the addition is to be curbed, this has to be changed as soon as possible.

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