Self-Exclusion Effectiveness Queried by UKGC

Having been at the forefront of UK casino news for some time, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has come out to query the use of online self-exclusion schemes. These are used by many of the major online UK casino sites and has been seen as an industry positive for some time. As the UKGC looks to make further inroads into the industry in a bid to clean it up, though, they have now noted that self-exclusion might not work to the standards once expected.

Tim Miller, the UKGC Executive Director, has released a letter that was sent to the UKGC, discussing what they called “unacceptable faults” in the GAMSTOP program, the major self-exclusion platform. In the letter, Miller makes clear his feelings, saying that the lack of togetherness among the major iGaming operators was making it hard for self-exclusion to work as it was intended.

Miller also demanded that all iGaming operators stop sending any promotional materials to self-exclusion players, or to anyone who is on the GAMSTOP line. If this was to continue, Miller warned, then the only option would be to start handing out gambling operation bans and stripping companies of their licenses in the future.

This is a major change in the industry and is sure to play a critical role in the next step for compliance in the industry. With the UKGC getting tough on everything from self-exclusion to promotional management, it feels like there’s even more change to come in future.

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