Rhode Island Moves Closer to Online Casino Gaming

After many years of back and forth, it looks like Rhode Island is moving closer to becoming an online casino supporter. Having been one of the parts of America that has most closely been associated with a liberal approach to online gambling, this is no surprise. The battle has been much-discussed over the years, and it looks like we might be about to see a breakthrough as they try to move into the online casino gaming industry.

As the US Supreme Court recently completed major sports betting discussion, this is going to cause shockwaves across the US. According to William Conley, the Senate Finance Chairman of Rode Island, the Senate should look at regulation “closely”.

With claims that the state could really make use of the revenue boost, this is likely to draw yet another debate on the legitimacy – or otherwise – of online gambling in the USA. From keep what you win offers becoming more commonplace in online gambling sparking fears over how it would be taxed to various moral issues involving gambling, this is a story that shows no real signs of clearing up anytime soon.

The idea is being floated that Rhode Island could join up with Delaware, Nevada and New Jersey to form a player sharing deal. With around 27m people across these four areas, this would form a sizeable chunk of the online gambling community for the long-term. It would also help to see if the US is ready for the numerous challenges posed by online gambling.

With other states like Massachusetts and New York now being more open-minded about online casino gaming, too, there’s a chance that we might finally see changes. Of course, it all hinges on the Supreme Court decision on the 1992 law that banned sports betting. If that law falls, things could change very rapidly for not just Rhode Island, but the USA as a whole.

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