Regulators Cracking Down on UK Casinos

For years, the UK gambling and gaming industry have been quite different to that of many countries. Incredibly lax and relatively easy to fall in love with, regulators are now beginning to crack down on UK casinos with higher penalties than ever. Now, licenses will be under review on a more regular basis and gaming sites, especially new UK casino sites, will need to think about how they work and operate behind the scenes. With more professionalism now expected amongst those who are involved, it will be interesting to see what changes are put in place to help avoid a pandemic.

With a full range of small and engaging enforcement powers being put in place to ensure that operators can put their customers first and profits second, it’s going to be a unique time for the industry as it tries to reform its image.

One of the major changes is going to be the penalties introduced for breaking regulation. If you do this now, then it’s likely that a company could have their license reviewed, suspended or even fully revoked. It’s all about making sure that changes can be implemented hat is going to make a positive change to the industry as a whole.

The Chief Executive of the Gambling Commission, Sarah Harrison, said: “We will use the full range of enforcement powers to ensure operators put customers first and raise standards.

“The industry can be assured that we will use our powers in a targeted way, and consumers and the public can be assured we will take robust and effective action when gambling companies don’t meet their obligations.”

While regulation is vital, it will be interesting to see how the industry reacts to what feels like an extensive clamp-down on how they operate.

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