RedKings Poker Comes to an End

As one of the most popular names in the online gaming industry, RedKings has been around for over a decade. They have long since been one of the go-to names for a lot of users and regularly draw in large amounts of users. However, the changing level of competition in the industry mixed with a cocktail of regulatory changes means that, from now on, changes will take place to their portfolio. Indeed, RedKings announced that their casino products will remain, but their online poker and betting products will cease to be available.

With the market growing all the time and new competition coming up, it’s not rare to see a big name like RedKings bow out from the market. It’s becoming increasingly hard for the older names to retain the same influence they once did, as the sheer scale and accessibility of other options leave most players with more choices than ever.

Still, it’s a shame to see such a well-respected member of the wider community bow out. For many gamers, RedKings Poker and RedKings Betting were two of the mainstays of the industry. Without their presence, the industry will almost certainly be weaker.

Change, though, is coming more and more consistently in the industry. The ease of access of new options as well as regulatory changes across the wider market means that, for some of the old famous names like RedKings, it’s better to prioritise than spread the net quite so wide.

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