Portugal Begins Review of Gambling Taxation Laws

As one of the most liberal countries in Europe, Portugal is often at the forefront of intelligent decisions. They tend to be a country that looks to help the cause, rather than punish the problem. From their mature stance on drug use to their generally open and fair society, many people enjoy life in Portugal. One set of people who often find Portugal to be quite regressive, though, are online casino gamers. At present, you pay a hefty gambling tax in the country – but this might be about to change after much review.

The Portuguese government is in the idle of a full root and branch review of its online gambling industry. There’s also a lot of requests to look at how the industry is taxed. The new gambling laws came into action in 2015, and since then the market has undergone a massive chance. The first license to be given to a foreign company came in May 2016, with 16 licenses in total given out since then.

Online betting services presently pay around 16% on their turnover, with online casino games paying 15-30% tax on their revenue. These large taxes are some of the highest in Europe and has had a negative impact on player channelization. The current review is going to take place over the next 30-days and could come back with a list of recommended changes. This, then, could be the start of another significant change to the Portuguese market.

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