PokerStars in Trouble Over PR Mistake

As one of the largest names in the UK online casino industry, PokerStars brings in a hell of a lot of traffic. They have all manner of awesome games to pick from, not least their wonderful collection of poker games to enjoy. However, the company is under close inspection by the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) for being ‘socially irresponsible’ in the way that they advertised in a recent PR campaign.

Recently, they ran a popular UK ads campaign that was all about being a good poker player. The ASA has worked around the clock to help avoid false and misleading information from being put out to players.

This wrap on the knuckles, then, comes after the ad was deemed to be creating a sense of false confidence in new players. The ASA found issue with the fact that the advert intimated that gamers could use everyday real-life experiences to improve and grow as a player.

The technique, considered to be misleading, seen the ad group ditched – and now PokerStars need to make up for lost time. This comes amid a wave of changes from the ASA and UKGC working in tandem to change advertising. The new rulings which came into effect on 2nd April look to have already claimed its first victim, then.

While the advert was clever, it was a clear contravening of the new rules that came into play. It’s likely this advert will now be ditched following such stringent ASA objections.

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