Playtech Moves Toward Regulated Markets

After a period of troubling challenges, the European casino gaming market feels like it’s beginning to calm down. This move is most clearly seen in the major takeover of close to 71% of the Snaitech firm by Playtech. Playtech, though, are engaged in a major strategy: to move their industry moves and investments into regulated markets.

The investment of Playtech into one of the major Italian players in the industry is a big move in the right direction. If the deal goes through for Snaitech, then it would mean that Playtech pulls in a whopping 78% of its revenue from now-regulated markets. With Snaitech already fully regulated in the markets, it operates within, this is just another move to help put Playtech on the market.

The main reason for this change is the present regulatory revolution taking part in the UK. Playtech are beginning to get a little concerned at the rather excessive industry changes incoming, and want to help protect their business empire – rightly.

Playtech, like any other UK developers, are worried about new laws coming into the UK that could see major top stake cuts coming, reducing the potential for protecting their income.

This is a major move from the group, as they look to secure a future outside of the complicated and complex British gambling scene. Amid mass change, it looks like Playtech have moved quickly to make sure their empire will stand strong even in the event of major British regulatory change

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