Playson Joins Romania’s Platinum Casino

In an industry that is still battling to ensure its legitimacy among the mainstream gaming market, online casino gaming sees many people join forces together. This sees many big names working together to try and built up a strong joint platform. One fine example of this is the recent partnership formed between Playson and Romania’s Platinum Casino.

They have joined together via a supply deal, with Romanian gamers about to get access to one of the broadest and best categories of online casino gaming. This should be a deeply interesting experience for Romanians, who can now enjoy Playson games after they acquired a Class II license for the provision of its games on the regulated Romanian market.

This will see popular games from the Playson range join together with the likes of Book of Gold and Mighty Africa to the table. Many popular slot games will now be on the market, with Playson showing a genuine desire to break into the busy and lucrative Eastern European market.

Indeed, this comes after they signed a deal with Latvian outfit Klondaika to start putting their games onto the Latvian market. As they continue to push for further visibility and scope across the industry, we can expect to see more and more Playson deals being signed.

For now, though, this will mean that Romanian online casino slots gamers can now enjoy a diverse, lucrative, and professional slots gaming experience.

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