Platinum Gaming Picks up £1.6m Fine

Today, we often report on online casino gaming companies being hit with large and ever-growing fines. It’s become a major part of the scene and is one of the many reasons why casino sites are being forced to clean up their act. For example, Platinum Gaming, the firm behind Unibet, has just been hit with a £1.6m settlement package cost.

This happened after it came about that a convicted fraudster was using their services. Seemingly, they missed out on fraudulent bets that were being placed, with over £600,000 spent by the person in question. This meant that, given the scale of the deposits and the losses which were being burned through, that Platinum should have acted on the incident and worked out what was going on sooner.

However, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has now pressed on with the fine. This comes after Platinum made no attempt to look at the proof of income from the gentleman who was betting, and instead allowed them to keep on placing bets. In a statement from the UKGC director Richard Wilson, the UKGC said:     This is yet another example of us taking firm action against online operators who fail to protect consumers or implement effective safeguards against money laundering,”

In an era where so many companies are having to watch themselves or face the consequences, it appears that Platinum has been hit hard and will definitely serve as a lesson for other companies who might not the vetting process seriously enough.

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