Philippines Asked to Review Gambling Conditions

As a country that often finds itself in the headlines, the Philippines is a nation that draws controversy for many reasons. However, one of the biggest discussion points within and around the nation at present is their use of online and land-based casino gaming. At the moment, a series of scandals have rocked the industry and it has seen a lot of calls for changes to be made to their gambling policy across the country.

Indeed, Senator Leila de Lima has urged the Senate of the nation to look at their present gambling laws. The gaming industry, according to De Lima, was making the country “susceptible to money laundering, fraud and other illegal activities.”

The main scandal referred to was the Wally Sombero incident. This scandal seen Sombero caught handing over bribe cash to the Bureau of Immigration in 2016, and it created a huge stir in the country and across international media.

It’s not just about the law, but also economics, according to De Lima. With “lingering questions” over the social damage that an open gaming market could cause, De Lima is one of the latest politicians with the clout to come out in opposition to the liberalized gaming market that exists in the Philippines.

However, the land-based industry was taken to task as much as the online casino gaming industry. Concerns over the health and safety of female works were raised, too, particularly how revealing outfits could potentially increase sexual harassment incidents.

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