PG Soft Joins Forces with EveryMatrix

For many online casino gamers in the UK, the sheer option of sites to try out can sometimes feel a touch dizzying. With casino slots and free bonuses with no deposit always being offered out, you have more or less complete choice over where you play. Naturally, though, it makes sense that you would be drawn to trying out the biggest names. If that is the case, then the recent combination between PG Soft and EveryMatrix should have you pretty excited.

This will see the mobile games developer start working with CasinoEngine, the popular platform that is provided by EveryMatrix. This will see both teams join forces, bringing users in the UK and beyond access to over 8,000 unique online casino gaming titles.

From free spins in UK gaming sites to table games and poker games, you have so many different choices to look at. Malta-based PG Soft has become a major part of the scene in the UK, offering all manner of awesome games to try out from various different themes. You’ll also be happy to know that many of the games you will find on here are the type of modern games that you will be used to seeing on new casino sites.

So, if you are looking for a casino online to try out, you might wish to look closer at this new fruitful partnership. With a rich collection of games to pick from, PG Soft and EveryMatrix might just have formed a very lucrative deal for all involved.

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