PartyPoker Makes Return to Czech Gaming Scene

Marked as one of the hardest European online casino gaming markets to break into, the Czech Republic has a very specific reputation. Many companies have tried to get access, with minimal success. Others have been involved before leaving. One name that just couldn’t leave the challenging yet lucrative Czech market behind, though, was that of PartyPoker.

GVC Holdings’ announced that they have made a return to the Czech market with PartyPoker, working in partnership with King’s Resort Rozvadov, a well-respected regional operator. They’ve been granted a new license from the Czech Finance Ministry and will be joining in the near future.

This is a very interesting move from the company and will see them abide by the Czech rulings on things like player verification. This is quite strict in comparison to other countries, with players expected to verify themselves at a local Post Office. With easy access to the domain through their partnership with King’s Resort, though, this is going to be up and running sooner rather than later.

In what was a bit of a surprise move, the return to the Czech market will be well received. For many, PartyPoker was and still is a major part of online casino gaming across Europe. This will see them finally return to one of the most prominent markets in Europe, too, leaving both gamers and the now reformed Czech market happy to have more reputable competition returning.

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